day 3

April 13, 2005 -- Oklahoma, I-40 (the old Route 66). ...Blue skiiiiiiiies....

I still haven't got around to doing the Playlist page yet. For what it's worth, I haven't even listened to my iPod yet, opting instead for local radio. I normally don't listen to country music, but it seems appropriate driving through Western states.

Here's a row of wind turbines not far from the freeway.

The lyrics of one song went something like, "He wanted to find himself, so he took to the open road..."

Reminds me of a joke, goes like this:

A couple were having dinner; the woman was looking quiet and contemplative. "What's wrong, honey?" asks the man. ...Long silence, and then the woman says, "I'm not really sure about this relationship, honey. ...Maybe...maybe I think I just need to find myself."

Disconcerted, the man pondered over what could be done. So the next day, he goes shopping. That evening, the woman comes home to find a small gift-wrapped box on her dresser.

Excitedly, she unwraps the little gift... only to find that it's a small electronic gadget. She phones her boyfriend. "Honey..." she says, puzzled. "What is this thing you gave me?"

"It's a GPS navigating unit", replies the man. "I thought about what you were saying, so I thought it might help." (ba-da-dump)

The land becomes more flat and open. ...Now we're in Texas.

Road trips were often an event for the postwar generation to do some self-indulgent navel gazing in order to "discover themselves". But that's not what this site will be about. Maybe we ought to be gazing at America's collective psyche and really examine our entire culture..

...The land starts to look like the backdrop of an old Hollywood western.

These pages may seem boring, but it's to prove a point. What would America be like without the automobile, especially wide-open places like Texas?

I think our country should change its national anthem to "I Love Gasoline" (by The Catherine Wheel). It would only be slightly less difficult to sing at the opening of sporting events.