In a few hours, I crossed over into California after filling up at a border town. I was forewarned that there would be very few gas stations along this leg of the journey, and the few in between would charge an arm and a leg over that fact.

...Funny thing, the character of the sky seemed to change as soon as I was in another state. This mountain range (which can be seen on I-10 near Blythe) had an eerie, ghostlike quality. (Click to see larger image)

Sunset near the south entrance of Joshua Tree National Monument. I'll probably visit this park on the way back, but it was getting too dark to take pictures on this day.

An amazing sunset can be seen driving west on I-10 towards Palm Springs. Four levels of mountains can be seen, and the highest ones create an "eclipse" effect, so the sunlight beams out at an angle beyond the mountains.