Later that day, I headed east on Rt. 62. Here's what that townless section on the map looks like. For some reason it got me in the mood to play music from the 1920's...possible reason to be explained later.

Now this is a real desert. ...An arid, barren, uninviting, unforgiving, you-don't-want-to-run-out-of-gas-here kind of desert, complete with tumbleweeds rolling across the road. ...Twanggg.

It must take a sense of humor to reside in these parts. This area is called "Riverside". (!!??)

Nevertheless, this is a fun drive; a good road for playing your favorite tapes as the car makes its way down the smooth pavement. (Unfortunately, I realized that the numerous small dips in the road were making me seasick as I neared the border...)

I turned in for the night at Lake Havasu, a resort town in Arizona along the Parker dam -- and apparently a haven for boaters, RVers and skateboarders. I was also told it's got really pretty sunsets, although that night, I could only get a shot from the Rotary Club Community Park (which has a big skateboarding park).