day 4

April 14, 2005 -- Santa Fe. Mileage so far: 1733.

My cousin lives in a pueblo-style home with a mountaintop as backyard scenery. ...In fact, this kind of architecture dominates the town as it is part of its original history. I'll try to have some more pictures of the town in a day or two.

This is Water Street, in (I'm guessing) one of the older sections of town that's now a big art gallery/gift shop area. Nearby is the coffee shop that offered free Wi-Fi (wireless internet). Wi-Fi rules! It's how I've been uploading these pages on the Internet on a fairly regular basis. If you go to, you'll get a listing of places that offer it for free. (Could something like this be the Next Trendy Thing To Do?)

I didn't feel like shopping, however... I was more interested in seeing the surrounding natural scenery. Several interesting places were suggested to me, so I just decided to head north on the freeway.

North of Santa Fe certainly looks like an otherworldy place; mountains in the background, and adobe-colored hills dotted with sagebrush. Everything looks...well, decorative. Even the highway overpasses are decorative, painted in bright Southwestern style colors and patterns. (Unfortunately, by this time, my windshield was so bug-spattered I wouldn't have been able to take even a snapshot, and there were no stopoffs. Maybe I'll try to get some pictures tomorrow.)

I decided to head north on Rt. 285, which ran parallel to some magnificent-looking snow-topped mountain ranges. The mountains above are in the 10,000-12,000 altitude range. (For a bigger view, click on the picture. Warning: large file size that may be slow to load on dialup/older computers.)

(Pictures where the cursor changes indicate you can click on them to see a larger version.)

This scene was on the other side of the road, overlooking the cemetery of an adobe-style Baptist church.