Town of Sedona

Driving into town, I discovered even more amazing and incredible scenery. I'd say this ranks among the most beautiful places to live in the entire country. Pictures I'd seen elsewhere often didn't give a proper sense of scale. These aren't just some rocks in the desert; they look like a mountain-sized cross between stalagmites and castles, perched high on hills overlooking the town.

This is obviously a rich person's destination, as evidenced by the number of upscale shops and art galleries along the main strip.

The town was originally established in the 1800s and was the site of many Westerns during Hollywood's golden age. This whimsical bronze statue shows a cowboy artist and a little girl with a camera, both admiring the mountain scenery.

...That having been said, this is probably an idea of how the Grand Canyon might wind up if it were privatized. Some of the otherwise best scenic views were blocked by retail strips or private property. Of course, many of these places took advantage of this by providing picture window views so customers could see the views while enjoying their coffee, drinks, or meals... but of course, to see the views one has to patronize the establishments.

...Because you see, despite what they say, nothing really comes for free in this country (...or most places, for that matter).