August, 2001
About 100 miles west of London is the town of Glastonbury, also known as the Isle of Avalon in ancient lore. Rich in myth and legend, this has long been England's most sacred place of pilgrimage.

Legend has it that Christ's uncle, Joseph of Arimathea, founded the first Christian church in these lands just 30 years after the Crucifixion; and also where he reputedly buried the Holy Grail, inspiring the Quest by King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table many years later.

It was my friend's idea to travel there after hearing his brother describe the town. Since we were located in London and had no car, we had to figure out the best way to get there. Rail was one obvious choice. The other alternative would have been to take a coach(bus), but I thought it would be fun to cycle around in that area. So, I bought a used bicycle for the trip and we boarded a train at Paddington Station, stowing our bicycles in the rear car of the train.