New York City, November, 2001
Near Ground Zero, the site of the September 11 World Trade Center disaster
It was Thanksgiving weekend and I was on my way home from visiting family on the East Coast. I stopped in Manhattan to visit an old friend (as I often do), and since the weather was decent we decided to take a walk around near the site of the World Trade Center disaster the next day. This is a photo account of that afternoon.

The site of the disaster itself had been barricaded off for several blocks while the cleanup effort was underway. This, of course, did not prevent the steady throngs of visitors from attempting to get a glimpse of whatever they could see, or pay tribute to the victims of the attack. Thousands still crowded around even more than two months afterwards. And two months afterwards, this once-brassy city was still subject to random street closings, where no traffic or pedestrians were allowed to pass for a short period of time.

The magnitude of what happened cannot be understated, but what can I say that has not already been said? I will therefore keep narration at a minimum and leave this set of pictures to stand on their own, to leave the viewer to contemplate the faces and the crowds left in the wake of the aftermath.

(My friend also took a set of pictures on the same excursion, which can be viewed here).