So we set off down another washboard gravel road into the Polebridge entrance of the park. Burnt poles of dead trees stood stark against younger firs and saplings -- the area had suffered a forest fire in 1994, and was still in the process of recuperating.
Ingrid explained that the wolves lived more in the northern end of the park, close to the Canadian border. One with a radio collar had recently been spotted wandering near the edge of the woods -- or so she'd been told.
She looked and seemed many years younger than her 42 years would indicate. A seasoned hiker, she joked about how much more stamina she had than other hikers she'd encountered, half her age.
We arrived at the picnic area near Bowman Lake and breaked for lunch. Signs at the entrance warned us to be careful of mountain lions and grizzly bears (Glacier happens to have the highest concentration of grizzlies in the Lower 48 States).

The hike we would take was on a trail leading down to a small lake 4 miles away