The first day, I admit, I almost chickened out, and thought about turning around to go back. It was my first solo venture, with no travel partner or planned destination. Caught in an unexpected traffic jam, I started thinking, "WHAT am I doing???" I checked into a motel just over the border in Michigan and tried to collect my bearings; even calling the caretaker in charge of my cats to tell him I'd probably be heading home. But the next day, I felt a renewed sense of adventure and I knew I could only keep going and find out what awaited on the road ahead.
Of course, the Midwestern portion of the trip was expectedly rather boring. No snapshots of Indiana, Illinois or Minnesota here, which are mostly flat rural area along the interstate. ...Chicago, of course, is a cool town but I drove straight through that time, staying on I-90 the whole way. If you decide to travel this route, make sure to bring plenty of change, because you will encounter one toll booth after another.
Castle Rock, Wisconsin. (I-90/94)

Now, here's a minor point of interest that's good for a few snapshots and a picnic break. You can't miss it from the road: it's this eroded sandstone tower that looks rather out-of-place among the rest of the scenery. And the Wisconsin Dells have a charm of their own: gentle, rolling green hills, suitable for raising dairy cattle. This state is famous for its cheese and other dairy products (although I didn't stop to sample any on the trip).