Cleveland, Ohio.
Every journey has its starting point, and here is mine: an old steel town on the shore of Lake Erie; subject of jokes in the past (and more recently the locale of "The Drew Carey Show").
Below: A typical day; isn't it lovely?
I had no real itinerary in mind for my road trip, other than it was to be:

1. Heading west, going through Montana; and:

2. Arriving in Seattle, where I knew somebody there.

I'd purchased a guide to hostels, acquired some AAA campbooks, bought a tent and some gear, arranged to have the cats fed and, after making a collection of road tapes left around the 15th of August -- winging it, basically.

These pictures were taken in a section of town known as "The Flats" --an area which has been acquiring a national reputation for being a party animal's paradise.