After several days' stay at the hostel I felt it was time to move on. ...But where to? Glacier National Park, according to the map, was not that far away. I remembered a NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC article filled with spectacular photographs of scenery and wildlife. Heading north sounded like a good idea.
Renate was helpful in giving me a list of other hostels in that vicinity. So, after packing up the car, it was on the road again.
The northern end of Flathead Lake.
Later on that night, I arrived in Whitefish and stayed at "The Bunkhouse" hostel. It was a full house, filled with mostly college-aged students, some from overseas.
That morning , the breakfast crowd conversation seemed to be centered around a Nordic-looking strawberry blonde from Chicago. Her name was Ingrid and she explained that she loved solo travel -- Glacier was one of her favorite places to visit -- and she often took an Amtrak out there for a week's venture.
"Do you guys want to see some wolves?" she asked those of us Glacier-bound. I thought that sounded pretty interesting, so along with a student named Ben the three of us decided to head off together, me in the car following the two of them in hers.
Polebridge, MT
...Somewhere along the way I made a wrong turn and lost them -- then finally found my way back on the correct route again. The road north of the Apgar intersection was unpaved, and from there I found it impossible to drive any faster than 35mph. In fact some portions of the road made it impossible to drive any faster than 10-15 mph -- the surface was like a washboard and full of potholes. I became impatient and started wondering if I had taken the right road. This road went on and on and on... for almost an hour. I figured my companions had probably given up on me and were enjoying their trail hike at this point. Eventually a hand-lettered sign pointed to a campground and general store, so I followed the arrow. I'd planned to camp out in these parts anyways -- might as well check in for the night.
...and (in one of those many odd good-timing incidents I seem to have) ...who should I find at the general store but Ingrid and Ben!