Rt. 310 (heading north into Montana).

I con't exactly remember why I took the photo at left -- probably to establish the general mood of the surroundings: -- more wide, open space. I realized I'd crossed over into Montana when the road sign indicated no daytime speed limit, and I understood why: under the gray sky, the barren landscape was rather unnerving: sparsely covered hillside, and ABSOLUTELY NO SIGN OF CIVILIZATION. I suddenly felt as if I were driving on the moon. As I floored the pedal I hoped the scenery would eventually improve; this was not a place I'd want to find myself stranded in. Fortunately, this only lasted for a few miles and I found civilization once again as I headed north towards the freeway.

On I-90 once again, the clouds broke apart and I found myself driving off into a glorious sunset,, doing at least 90 mph -- and a spectacular mountain range turning pink and purple in the distance.

What happens next? ...Find out!