The next destination was Rt. 93, heading up into the Mission Mountains.

"There can't be a more gorgeously situated hostel in the United States than [this] little hostel located at the foot of the beautiful Mission Mountains", read the description in the hostel guide. " 'A photographer's paradise' ... Huge mountains rim the valley, big Flathead Lake isn't far to the north, and the National Bison Range is close at hand. The quirky little town of St. Ignatius ... is also nice to visit, offering up buffalo burgers, huckleberry shakes, a mission, and other diversions..."

(Right: the town of Anaconda)

At $9.00 per night, I figured that would be a nice cheap place to stay for a bit, and my only other planned destination (besides Seattle) on the trip. I figured I'd hang out there and chill and read or do work or something.

On the way there, I pulled over at this combination fruit stand/flea market after passing up numerous roadside stands offering cherries (apparently a regional crop).

"Did you see us in NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC?" asked the owner enthusiastically. ...I didn't know what he was talking about, so he proudly directed me to a several-years-old magazine article about Route 93 (with his fruit stand pictured); framed and hanging on a wall.

So after buying a bag each of cherries and plums I took a picture of this "famous" fruit stand for posterity. :)