Day three: ...More Midwestern fun! ...This is what South Dakota looks like, for the most part.

For a more authentic experience, stare at this photograph for the next seven or eight hours.

Probably the most interesting sights along this stretch of I-90 were the billboards promoting roadside attractions, political messages, etc. They seemed less regulated in this regard than what is found in most states -- perhaps in order to add interest to an otherwise flat and open landscape and keep drivers from falling asleep at the wheel! I resisted stopping at the roadside attractions because I just wanted to drive straight through... finally it was time for a break so I decided to stop at "The Petrified Wood Museum." Hmmm... I wondered if it was an authentic on-site location akin to the Petrified Forest. ...Was it?
...Nope! It was a fenced-in yard with some transplanted-looking samples arranged for easy visitor viewing. Helpful signs explained some of the processes involved and what kind of minerals took the place of the once-organic material. In the back of the yard was a large collection of various-sized rocks and minerals for collectors to purchase if they wished.