St. Ignatius, MT
I arrived in St. Ignatius that afternoon. Not far from the hostel was a small strip with a gift shop, a pizza parlor and a gas station.

A large sign advertising HUCKLEBERRY SHAKES! caught my eye, so I pulled in so I could sample this regional specialty. Huckleberries (which are sort of like blueberries) apparently grow in abundance there, and the gift shop was filled with related goodies.

Next door were several bison in a corral, visible from the road in order to attract tourists.

A man (whom I guessed was of the Flathead Tribe) was sitting at one of the outdoor tables in front of the gift shop and noticed me over towards the bison.

"So how do you like my pets?" he said. We started talking and I gathered that he and his family owned the store and the adjacent property. Later I was told that the tribe owned the entire mountain range.

"Wow -- " I was impressed. ..."You OWN those mountains???"